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History of CCDCF

In 1964, nearly 150 civic leaders and local officials gathered to assess Champaign Countys environmental future. What these leaders discovered became a cause for immediate concern: unplanned growth, rapid urbanization, reduction of prime farmland and loss of urban trees from the ravages of Dutch elm disease. The result was a negative impact on local natural and cultural resources. An independent, voluntary organization was needed to assist in halting these threats and preserving the environment of Champaign County, resulting in the formation of CCDC Foundation.

Today CCDC Foundation continues the tradition of conserving, restoring and enhancing Champaign Countys natural resources. CCDC Foundation initiates and supports a wide variety of coordinated and supportive programs to improve the quality of life—in both urban and rural environments.

Mission Statement

Improve the livability of the environment of Champaign County, while focusing on public and private efforts to conserve, restore and enhance the local environment. Special attention is given to providing a balance between developed areas with open space, including recreational parks, greenways and trails, woodlands, prairie, wetlands, rivers and stream corridors and other natural resources.

The CCDC Foundation encourages and promotes:

  • Excellence in planning and design
  • Stewardship of land and water resources, including its acquisition as Trustee
  • Research and education to provide solutions to environmental problems
  • Gifts, grants, devises, bequests and other financial contributions
  • Opportunities for general public participation in governmental endeavors


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