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Land Trusteeship Program

At the turn of the century there were over 50,000 acres of woodland in Champaign County. Today, less than 7,000 acres remain. CCDC Foundation established the Land Trusteeship Program in 1970 to support and assist local governments with the acquisition of parks, natural areas, greenways and trails. Since that time the Foundation has received over 100 acres of donated land held in trust to be used as future open space. The Foundation receives title to the land according to wishes of the land donor. The land is ultimately conveyed to a public agency—such as a local Park District or the Forest Preserve District—when the agency demonstrates an interest and the financial ability to accept the land according to the intent of the land trust. A few parcels of land that have been held in trust by CCDC Foundation include:

  • Robeson Greenbelt Trail—railroad right-of-way near Penfield to establish a trail
  • Boneyard Creek—land to establish a linear park by the Champaign Park District
  • Village of Monticello—abandoned quarry operation to establish a park


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