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CCDCF Membership Information

It takes the active involvement of all community members if we are to continue to replace, restore and build with care with sensitivity to conservation principles and the limits on community resources. Membership to CCDC Foundation is open to any interested individual, business or group who wishes to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Improving the quality of life in Champaign County
  • Community beautification
  • Promoting environmental education
  • Achieving long term goals to benefit future generations
  • Satisfaction from contributing to community projects

If you have questions or need more information about CCDC Foundation membership, please contact our Membership Chair Christopher Billing

Gifts to CCDC Foundation are tax deductible. CCDC Foundation also accepts investments, insurance policies or other funds to be used for purchase of land, planting of trees or a variety of other projects. As CCDC Foundation is a non-partisan organization, contributions will not be used for the special benefit of any member, political party, candidate for public office or other individuals.

Anyone can contribute to CCDC Foundation. Current members are made up of citizens drawn from architecture, landscape architecture, urban planning, related environmental specialties, law, finance, education and engineering. However, membership is not limited to people of these professions. We look forward to welcoming new members with a broad range of expertise and skills.

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